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  1. 1 on 1s

    With our 1 on 1s feature, you can empower your managers to build stronger relationships with their team members. Our platform provides a structured framework for managers to conduct effective 1 on 1s, allowing them to set agendas, take notes, and track action items.

  2. Reports

    Unlocking the Power of Data with's Advanced Reporting Features

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  3. Checklists

    Our checklists feature allows you to create and assign checklists to employees. You can also track the progress of checklists and visualize them on a specific board.

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  4. TimeCraft

    Our timesheets feature allows you to track time spent on projects and tasks. You can also use it to calculate overtime and generate invoices for your clients.

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  5. TaskHub

    Our tasks feature allows you to create and assign tasks to employees. You can also track the progress of tasks and visualize them on a Kanban board.

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  6. AutomationWizard

    Automations revolutionizes HR operations by eliminating the time-consuming manual tasks and reducing the risk of human error. With our automation engine, HR professionals can automate routine processes and focus on strategic initiatives that drive employee engagement and organizational growth.

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  7. AdvantagesPlus

    Managing employee benefits can be a complex task that demands careful attention and organization. However, with our Office Workspace HR application, you can transform this complexity into a seamless and efficient process. Our benefits management feature is designed to empower you with the tools you need to effortlessly define, assign, and visualize benefits for your employees.

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  8. Launching yourHR

    Launching the new Workspace Office application. In the first version, we focus on delivering the core features of the application, including employee management, time off management and self-service.

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