This feature is designed to give your employees the ability to manage their own HR-related tasks and information, reducing the workload on your HR team and empowering your employees to take ownership of their own HR experience. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the various functions available in the self-service portal, including onboarding and offboarding, task management, time off requests, and resource management.

Onboarding and Offboarding

The self-service portal allows employees to manage their own onboarding and offboarding process. For new hires, they can access their own onboarding checklist, which will guide them through the necessary steps for starting their new role. They can complete tasks such as filling out personal information, signing important documents, and attending orientation sessions. For employees who are leaving the company, they can access an offboarding checklist that will guide them through the process of wrapping up their work and transitioning out of the company.

Task Management

The self-service portal also allows employees to manage their own tasks. They can add tasks to their to-do list, set due dates and priorities, and mark tasks as completed when finished. This feature helps employees stay organized and focused on their work, and it can also help managers track employee progress on important projects.

Time Off Requests

The self-service portal allows employees to request time off for various reasons, such as sick days, vacation, holidays, maternity leave, and other custom reasons. They can select the dates they need off, specify the reason for the request, and submit it for approval. Managers can then review the request and approve on the company's policies and workload.

Resource Management

The self-service portal also allows HR to define resources that will be visible to all employees in their dashboard. These resources can be URLs or documents that can be used by employees to access important information such as company policies, benefits information, or training materials.

Team Management

The self-service portal also allows the HR team to create teams and assign people to teams, as well as assign managers to each team. This information will be used for other features such as employee engagement and benefits administration.

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